Introducing Composio Startups Program

Accelerate your startup’s growth with Composio’s Startups Program – get free access, credits, custom integrations, and priority support 

Email us at with the subject “Composio Startup Program”!


Free Until Production

Enjoy all the features of Composio for free during your development phase

Priority support

Get priority support with Slack Connect directly with our founders

Get 5K Credits

Once you go into production, receive $5,000 in usage credits so you don’t have to pay anything immediately

Custom app integration

We will add any apps (along with actions/triggers support) you need within 24 hours


Early Stage Ventures

Raised no more than a Series A round from a VC or angel investor

Lean Team Requirement

Fewer than 50 employees

AI & SaaS Focused

Focused on building products or services that utilize AI Agents and SaaS

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to questions you may have about Composio
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What is the duration of free access?

You will have free access until you go into production.

How do the $5,000 usage credits work?

The credits will be applied post-production, covering your usage costs for at least three months.

Can I get support for custom app integrations?

Yes, we will add any apps you need within 24 hours, including actions and trigger support.

What type of support can I expect?

You’ll receive priority support with direct access to our founders via Slack Connect.