Better interface between Agents <--> Tools

What are we working on?

We’re on the cusp of a future where multiple AI agents will soon work together and interact with diverse tools for complex tasks. The rise in platforms for AI workflow and agent orchestration signals this shift. Yet, these platforms face challenges: limited scope, variety, and reliability of integrations. Developers often grapple with authentication and API specifications to implement basic agentic use cases. This hampers the seamless communication between agents and tools, a cornerstone for enabling real-world applications.

Our goal is to simplify this. By managing your integrations, we let you focus on creating your agentic platform. We’re crafting the vital integration layer for AI agents, smoothing out the rough edges for innovation.

What can we offer now?

Our SDK offers over 90 connectors optimized for LLM tool actions and triggers. Enjoy a customizable, white-label authentication experience. We also offer best-in-class reliability and detailed observability for each API call, saving you the hassle of spending sleepless nights while debugging the faulty API calls.